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The Ottley Law Firm successfully represented a client in a truck accident case and secured a large settlement. Despite the initial denial of responsibility from the trucking company and their insurance company, The Ottley Law Firm’s thorough investigation and aggressive negotiation tactics resulted in a positive outcome for their client.


Roland Ottley


1 year


Injury Litigation


Won $2.5M

The Challenge

The Ottley Law Firm was recently tasked with representing a client who was involved in a truck accident, but was not the truck driver. The client was traveling in their own vehicle when a tractor-trailer crashed into them, causing significant damage to their car and leaving them with severe injuries. The client was unable to work and was facing a long road to recovery.

The challenge in this case was to prove that the truck driver was at fault and to secure a fair settlement that would cover the client’s medical expenses, lost wages, and other related costs. This was complicated by the fact that the trucking company was denying liability and had a team of lawyers working to protect their interests.

Legal Strategy

Our team at The Ottley Law Firm conducted a thorough investigation into the accident, gathering evidence and speaking with witnesses. We also brought in experts in trucking regulations to help build a strong case. We were able to demonstrate that the trucking company was responsible for maintaining the safety of their vehicles and had failed to do so, leading to the accident.


Through their hard work and persistence, the Ottley Law Firm was able to negotiate a settlement of $2.5 million for the client. This settlement not only covered the client’s immediate expenses but also provided for their long-term care. The client was incredibly grateful for the outcome and praised the Ottley Law Firm for their dedication and commitment to achieving a fair result.