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The Ottley Law Firm won a consumer fraud case, achieving a favorable settlement for their client through expert investigation and strategic negotiation.


Roland Ottley


7 months


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The Challenge

A client came to The Ottley Law Firm seeking assistance with a contractual agreement that they felt was fraudulent and deceptive. The client had entered into an agreement with a home repair company, but soon realized that the services promised were not being delivered as promised. The company was using high-pressure sales tactics and making false promises to induce the client into signing the contract. The client felt misled and wanted to seek recourse.

Legal Strategy

The Ottley Law Firm took on the case, thoroughly reviewing the contractual agreement and gathering evidence of the deceptive practices. After thoroughly reviewing the contract and all relevant documents, The Ottley Law Firm team conducted an investigation into the home repair company’s practices. They gathered evidence of the false promises and high-pressure tactics used by the company, and built a strong case for the client.


The Ottley Law Firm successfully negotiated a large settlement amount on behalf of the client. The settlement compensated the client for the services not delivered, as well as for the stress and inconvenience caused by the deceptive practices of the home repair company. The case served as a warning to other companies engaging in similar practices, and the client was able to move forward with a sense of justice being served.